Weekend Roundup| Goodbye August

And just like that August and my summer break is over. I can’t pretend that I’m not more than a little disappointed. It’s just that the summer has come to a resounding end and I’m not quite prepared. I’m fully aware that technically speaking, it is still summer. However, since my school days, I’ve always considered the start of the school year to be the end of summer. No matter how sunny, hot, or beautiful it was outside, once school began, the summer was unofficially over. Now that I’m a teacher, this edict remains unchanged. School begins tomorrow and for my district and that means summer is over. Continue reading

5 Reasons Being A Celiac Is Awesome by Alicia

We all know that Celiac disease has its downsides. I don’t think I need to articulate them for you. And, to be honest, sometimes we allow ourselves to wallow in the negative a little too much.

”Whatever a person’s mind dwells on intensely and with firm resolve, that is exactly what he [or she] becomes”     Shankaracharya.

I’m not interested in becoming a dreary, negative person and I’m sure you’re not either. So, let’s think about a few advantages to having Celiac disease. Advantages to having Celiac disease… I bet you thought you’d never hear that statement. Here are five reasons why having Celiac disease can be awesome. Continue reading

Bamboozled by Biaggi’s| A Cautionary Tale by Doris

Life as a Celiac is hard enough giving up food you love, not being able to be spontaneous when it comes to meals, scouring labels and calling companies to ensure what you are eating is safe. And that’s if you are just at home, in your insulated world. It’s when you step outside that things really get tough. Going to restaurants when you have Celiac disease is scary and nerve-wracking.  Unfortunately, my daughter and I learned this the hard way. Continue reading

Esan Thai| Restaurant Review

It’s no secret that my favorite cuisine is Thai. In fact I’ve reviewed my all time favorite thai restaurant Ginger Thai right here on the blog. Unfortunately, Ginger Thai is 900 miles away in Nashville, and since returning I’ve been hard pressed to find another Thai eatery that comes any where close to it here in Rochester. But that all changed about a month ago during a lunch connection with a friend. During the dog days of summer two week period we experienced early in the month, my friend and I decided to visit the eatery on a scorching hot Monday afternoon. My friend had frequented the quaint, blink and you’ll miss it eatery several times before, but this was my first visit. Continue reading

Fresh Peaches & Cremé Cobbler

Alas we’ve just about reached the end of August. School begins a week from tomorrow for me, and I’m so not ready. :( So many summer plans. So little time. I had planned a multitude of peach recipes to test bake this summer, yet in the end, only one was able to be crafted. But as they say, save the best for last and that was most certainly the case for this Fresh Peaches & Cremé Cobbler recipe. Fresh peaches and cremé cheese (yes cremé cheese) were the base for this delectable cobbler. The pastry crust is the best part; light, flaky, buttery, and better than your grandma’s. Ok. Maybe not better than grandma’s but I dare say this comes pretty darn close. Cremé is the not so secret ingredient that makes this cobbler recipe stand taller than the others. I promise you’ll be hard pressed not to eat the entire dessert (by yourself). Continue reading

Classic Double Chocolate Cake|Love Letter Cake Shop

In all the gluten free cakes I’ve tasted (and as a bakery owner, that’s a lot), there’s just one reaction I’m looking for when I bite into a slice of cake: “I can’t tell this is gluten free.” As simple as this, you’d be surprised how rarely it’s achieved.

Folks, the cake below can be served to a party of 200 guests and no one will ever suspect it’s gluten free. Just ask me how I know. ;)

It’s everything you want a chocolate cake to be: rich, decadent, and intensely chocolatey. And it’s the most popular gluten free cake we serve at Loveletter Cakeshop in NYC.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by the owner of Love Letter Cake Shop in New York, NY. 

Continue reading

Living with Fibromyalgia| But You Don’t Look Sick

A friend who saw me today, stopped and asked, “Are you ok”? I gave my usual lie of “I’m ok” with a hiding the pain smile but instead of being annoyed with the question, I felt glad. Finally, somebody noticed. The fact that he finally noticed by my walk and demeanor that something was askew, wrong, and not quite right was refreshing. Call me crazy, but moments like these now make me feel validated in a strange way. Hearing that question used to make me cringe inside. I grimaced at the fact that my outward appearance rarely shows the excruciating throbbing, and mind altering pain that constantly lurks in my muscles, joints, and tissue. The radiating heat like pain or mind numbing tingling sensations that prick at my nerves. The weakening ache that so often emanates from within can never be seen. Pain is something that you cannot see. Pain is an invisible illness. Continue reading

Cranberry Chocolate Chip Black Pepper Scones (UPDATE)

I’d been craving a chocolate chip scone so instead of searching for or creating a new one I simply modified this A+mazing Black Pepper Cinnamon Scone  recipethat I originally adapted back in 2013. And you know what? This is literally the best scone recipe ever. The combination of chocolate chips and dried cranberries make everything great about this scone recipe even better. I simply swapped the rasins for chocolate chips, baked, and ate. Bon Appétit. Continue reading

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The Pained Life| Part II by Alicia

Suffering is “the state of undergoing pain or distress”

Did you see that? It’s an important difference. Suffering is a state of mind. It’s something that we create. The story we spin around our pain to make sense of it, to assimilate it into our lives is suffering. The anger I have about the fact I’m in pain and my husband is not is suffering. The idea that there’s something wrong with me, that I’m cursed because God gave me these physical issues is suffering. Sitting on my couch ignoring the blessings I do have in my life because I’m feeling pain would be suffering. We don’t have a great deal of choice over whether or not we experience pain, but we have a lot of control over whether or not we suffer. Pain is the prison we’re in. But, just because we’re in prison, doesn’t mean we have to be a prisoner. Continue reading