What is Celiac Disease?

“The more we know the less we understand”  With all the information on the internet (and beyond) about fad diets, food trends, grain free, wheat free, paleo, autoimmune disorders; gluten intolerance, and gluten free eating it can be hard to shift through and decipher the truth from the myth. Many people (even those that proclaim to be following a gluten free diet) do not know what celiac disease is or have a hard time explaining it to others. Well knowledge is power and that’s where blogs like this one and so many others come in to play. A place to educate, information and raise awareness. Continue reading

How to Cook with Tofu + Tofu Inspired Recipe Roundup

This post was inspired by a great article I found online by the Democrat and Chronicle and Life and Health Editor Tami Best. Tofu is often mentioned with stares of disgust, horror, and confusion. What is it? What do I do with it? How do I cook with it? So I thought it would be nice to compile a few of the most interesting facts the article discussed as well as share my favorite tofu recipes since it happens to be a main part of my diet. Continue reading

The Best Way to Hard Boil An Egg

I know you’re probably read this post’s title and thought “Who can’t boil an egg?” Well that’s exactly what I thought a few weeks ago when one night I had a hankering for a hard boiled egg. The time was about 10:45 PM and after a long exhausting day (I’m guessing) my body was craving the protein. Let’s just say  after 20 minutes I had thrown three eggs away. I went to bed frustrated, even more exhausted, and upset that I didn’t get my egg fix. Honestly how hard can it be to boil an egg?  Isn’t that like the first thing they teach you back in home ec? And for a baker that has made countless batches of italian meringue butter cream and bakes gluten free for a living one would think that the least I could do was boil an egg. Right? So many questions but I do have an answer. Like many of life’s simple pleasures there is indeed a science to the perfect hard boiled egg. Continue reading

Strawberry Lemonade (Redux)

Strawberries and lemons are my all favorite summer time fruit combinations. So it’s no surprise I re-visted this recipe I originally adapted and shared back in 2013.  I re-created this A+mazing Strawberry Lemonade that I tastespotted over at Alaska from Scratch. Continue reading

Gluten Free Menu Plan: May 25-30, 2015

Hopefully it’s fun and sun in your neck of the woods as today marks the “unofficial start of summer 2015. I live for the easy, breezy, lull of summer and hope that we have finally and officially crossed the threshold of cold weather here in Upstate New York. Here’s to finger foods, family, fun, and more sun. Happy Monday!

Continue reading

17 Gluten Free Bread Recipes courtesy of Gluten Free Bread.org

I was thrilled to get a message from the editors of Gluten-Free-Bread.org that one of my recipes was being featured in their latest blog post 17 Gluten Free Bread Recipe Round- Up for Celiac Awarenss Month. As a celiac finding great bread recipes is no easy feat. Knowing that there is a whole website dedicated to the cause makes me immensely happy.  Sharing is caring and to be featured on this A+mazing celiac friendly site that curates the best of the best in the way of all things (gluten free) bread was the highlight of my week. Click here to check out their feature.

Photo credit: Gluten Free Bread

Gluten Free Menu Plan: May 18-22, 2015

Summer is in the air. Sunny skies. Chirping birds. And best of all warm weather. I’m feeling triumphant this week and hoping that the feeling lasts. Continue reading

Living with Fibromyalgia: Take a Bow (poem)

close the curtain

shut the door

the show is over

I can take no more

let bygones be bygones

exit stage left

a final bow

there’s nothing left

an era has ended

the moment has come

finale has finished

I’ll watch the reruns

although it’s all over

I have no regrets

my journey is just beginning

you haven’t seen the best of me yet

Living with Fibromyalgia: In Full Flare

Howdy Folks,

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying sunny skies and warm weather. May is in full swing here in Upstate NY. Lilacs and other flowering plants are in full bloom. Which naturally for me means that the last two weeks have been a push/pull battle of a fatigue and pain flare. Yes like the trees and flowers my fibro is in full bloom. I’ve won the battle for the most part but no one see’s the hidden scars and emotional torment that rear their ugly head most often at night. Continue reading