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What I didn’t eat today

Between the nausea, pain, and fatigue today was not a great day for me. Food or  should I say, me eating food was the farthest thing from my mind. Abdominal cramping and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) are common side effects of my medications and my chronic illnesses and sometimes it is just to much to bear. Ginger ale

and popcorn were about all my stomach could take today. Surely you don’t need a picture of that? Well, I provided one anyway, courtesy of Google images.

On a brighter note, I pulled a few new recipes and plan to try a new one out tomorrow.  If it turns out well, it will be added to the bakery menu. A gift basket is in order for Saturday, so that should consume my day production wise.  See, even when I don’t feel like eating, food and baking are always on my brain. I guess that’s the chef in me. Signing off until tomorrow.

the gluten free chef

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