A tired chef

This chef is exhausted. Pushed this body way to far as I am already amidst a severe flare up. A lot of baking went on today. Photos will be up later. I was barely able to scarf down some Vegetable Fried Rice early on. So preoccupied I forgot all about taking a picture of it and I am too tired to Google image one. I hope everyone had a productive Saturday. That’s all I have for tonight.

Signing off,

the gluten free AND tired chef


4 thoughts

  1. I, too, have overdone it today. Not with baking but cleaning my house in prep for my daughter arriving in a few days and family here. I think I am going to have to stop as soon as I do the last half of my kitchen floor. Tomorrow is another day. Why didn’t I start cleaning earlier? Because I was busy doing other things. I need more spoons.


  2. Sorry you overdid it. It’s so easy. One minute you’re a normal kind of tired and the next you’ve crossed the line. I know, just did it myself. My skin hurts and doesn’t like the sweater touching it but I don’t want to be cold.


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