A tired chef

This chef is exhausted. Pushed this body way to far as I am already amidst a severe flare up. A lot of baking went on today. Photos will be up later. I was barely able to scarf down some Vegetable Fried Rice early on. So preoccupied I forgot all about taking a picture of it and I am too tired to Google image one. I hope everyone had a productive Saturday. That’s all I have for tonight.

Signing off,

the gluten free AND tired chef


  1. I, too, have overdone it today. Not with baking but cleaning my house in prep for my daughter arriving in a few days and family here. I think I am going to have to stop as soon as I do the last half of my kitchen floor. Tomorrow is another day. Why didn’t I start cleaning earlier? Because I was busy doing other things. I need more spoons.

  2. Sorry you overdid it. It’s so easy. One minute you’re a normal kind of tired and the next you’ve crossed the line. I know, just did it myself. My skin hurts and doesn’t like the sweater touching it but I don’t want to be cold.

    • Yea. I’ve been bad since Friday . Have an Engagement tomorrow I’m hoping to be lucid for mind is willing but body is worn out. Suppose to be up at 5 am

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