What I ate today: fresh deli tuna and chips

TunaYes. You read that right. This veggie head ate Tuna. In the mood for something deli like and fresh, light flaky tuna was on the brain and on my taste buds. I can’t remember the last time I had it, not normally a part of my diet but sometimes you just get a taste for something and you can’t shake it. There was simply no replacements or substitutions today, I pondered, worried and vacillated about my lunch decision, then I thought who cares, this is not life or death .

So, place the order I did. Michell’s Delicatessen  a quaint, hip, and happening deli here in East Nashville. Nothing like going into a old school delicatessen ordering your sandwich and receiving it  wrapped in white butcher paper and all. This baby was fully loaded with fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoe, onion and hot pepper; all on gluten free bread of course. It was well worth the deviation.

In fact, this filled me up so well that it was all I needed for the day. What was on your menu today? Share you lunch tales?

the gluten free chef

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