from the bakery: gluten free sandwich bread

gluten free sandwich breadSo I finally tried my hand at homemade bread. I was very nervous at first especially starting out with a gluten free recipe. This past Saturday I purchased a second hand bread machine that came without instructions and I had no idea how to use it. I must say it was quite the adventure and ended being an all day process. The assembly of ingredients was simple, and then one hour was spent trying to put the machine together. Machine assembly has never been my forte, and I almost gave up right there. But a deep breathe and internal pep talk was all I needed to do to tap into my common sense. Finally, 5 hours were wasted with the dough being on the wrong setting so it was double kneaded, double risen, then kneaded again.

Fortunately, I found the instruction manual online (don’t you love Google) and was able to figure out the settings so around 8pm I got the machine to the right setting. Four hours later, my round loaf was finished. I didn’t slide it out of the pan until this morning, held my breathe and I was blown away. I finally had a soft, chewy textured bread that looked , felt, and tasted just like any other bread; like gluten filled bread but this bread was gluten free.

Hooray for me! My first attempt at gluten free bread with a recipe that I calibrated was a success. Ironically, I have my first meeting tomorrow with a local deli as they are interested in purchasing my bread, in fact the only reason I test baked the bread was for this meeting. Was it fate that sent me to buy the bread machine on Saturday? I don’t know. I don’t believe in fate, but I do believe that everything happens for a reason and as they should.

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  1. I used to make gluten free bread, english muffins, etc. until I discovered that I also had to give up yeast. Your bread looks delicious.

  2. Your bread looks awesome! All my attempts to make gluten- free bread resulted in strange, heavy lumps. Your bread looks perfect. Good luck at the meeting. I bet the deli people will be impressed!.

  3. hmmmm, may have to look into a bread machine. Will it work as well if I go straight to the directions and skip the 5 hours of frustration? 🙂 That’s awesome about the bakery. Hope the meeting goes well.

      • When I was a Braille Transcriber I actually proofread a bread machine cookbook and it looked a bit complicated to me. Plus with trying to lose weight I probably should stear clear of the carbs, unless gluten it what makes people gain weight.

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