What I ate today: seasoned rice and peas w/crispy tofu

seasoned rice & crispy tofuSunday here in Nashville was sunny with clear blue skies. Unfortunately, I remain down for the count and was not able to soak in much of it. But, I did have two productive spurts. Dinner came late tonight and it was relatively simple. I’m working on finishing my crock pot beans that I made a few days ago so tonight I served them as a side with my Seasoned Rice & Peas with Crispy Tofu as the main dish. The rice was ready in 20 mins flat and the beans were just a reheat in a saucepan. My family makes fun of me since I don’t have a microwave, but I don’t really see a need for one. I’ve lived on my own for four years now and my meals are mainly from scratch, whole, and unprocessed. When I have a need to reheat, the stove works perfectly fine.

On another note, I have my first gluten free sandwich bread in the second hand bread machine that I bought yesterday. More on the results in tomorrow’s post. Well, that does it  for me. What was your Sunday dinner? Happy cooking!


Signing off,

the gluten free chef


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  1. Gorton’s Tilapia. Rice (in the microwave) and sauteed spinach. Sugar free chocolate pudding for desert with a granola thin wafer. I’m rather microwave dependant. Ours died a few years back and my husband and I both wondered how we’d reheat food. (We also had micro dinners in the freezer that had to wait until we replaced the microwave.)

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