What I ate today: beans, rice, crispy tofu and tomato

beans + rice with crispy tofu and tomatoeFinally I have finished off the beans I made about a week ago now. I love how slow cooked beans get better as they age. The flavors and spices blend and settle and really become bolder over time. Served over white rice and topped with my favorite; crispy tofu and my Friday meal was complete. The prep of this meal was all the more interesting since I started a small stovetop fire because I walked away and let the olive oil over heat. Fortunately, me nor the tofu was injured in this event and surprisingly my smoke detector didn’t go off. Just a smoke filled kitchen! My meal was topped off with fresh tomato which I love to eat with beans. Today was a rough day physically; I didn’t even get out of bed until 2pm but I’m grateful to have made it through another week! This East coast cold front and rain does a number on my entire body. But I digress, this isn’t my fibro blog.

Another week, another Friday, another weekend. TGIF.

Signing Off,

the gluten free chef

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