Breads, owls and vampires: OH MY

Bread, bread, and more bread. Yes. That is what seems to be most popular these days. So far this week, I have logged five orders of my gluten free sandwich bread. The bread maker is getting quite the work out and so am I. This week is my busiest yet, with the V-day special and cookie Groupon running concurrently, orders are streaming in. I wanted to make time to work on my cook book and test bake, but I have been limited on energy and low on function. fibromylagia and cfs (purposely lowercase to take away some of their power) do not discriminate and my days have been a wash with me, my blanket, and pillow in the bed dead to the world. I have been drunk on fatigue and high on lethargy.

I feel like an owl, bat, or vampire tucked away in my uncontrolled cocoon conserving power and energy to muster just a hair of strength at night to bake these orders. Jehovah gives me just enough strength to carry out my mission and for this I am thankful. I get a tiny window of strength at night to bake these orders and go back to bed for the cycle to repeat itself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining a sliver of stamina at night is more than I had 5 months ago so I’ll take what I can. I didn’t want to talk “fibro” on this blog, but it would be a lie since fibro effects ALL areas of my life, including eating, sleeping, cooking, baking and yes even food blogging. (Darn you fibro!) I am hoping that Living with Fibro is up and running with the new design by week’s end. We will see!

Posts will trickle in this week few and far in between, I apologize in advance. I hope everyone is eating healthy, wise , and whole since there is so much garbage in our food and in our environment. But I will save that for another post. Perhaps next week.  Again, we will see!

Signing Off,

the gluten free chef


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