Every little bit helps

So, I made it through to the other side of my protein and fruit detox/fast. I have been doing this program periodically over the last few years as a way to reset and get myself back to basics or kickstart weigh loss. During the fall of 2010 and 2011 when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and cfs I began to focus on my health and wellness and set a goal to lose a large amount of weight. At that time, I was determined to beat the effects of fibro and was confident that the 130 lbs of extra weight on my frame were the root cause.

Well, years later the fibro monster is still here, but I am healthier and leaner in more ways than one. Juice fasting was a part of my regime early on in my journey and the benefits of detoxing and cleansing the system cannot be underestimated. Since losing weight and working through fibro, I have made many dietary changes, including adopting a primarily plant based diet, gluten free, and mainly consuming raw whole foods. Even though these changes do not take away the pain and effects of my illnesses, I know that this diet is good for me. Every little bit helps and even when I cannot necessarily detect the changes I know that my body is better for it.

Genetically I am predisposed to many obesity related conditions: diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol just to name a few. I did not want these challenges to be a part of my life, and diet is something that I can control. I was also sick to death of doctors using my obesity as a reason for all my ails, so a part of me wanted to shut them up once and for all. Once the weight was gone they would no longer be able to use it as a catch all. They still get of my nerves, but at least they no longer mention my weight!

What I ate today

This evening I had my first hot meal in three days. I wanted to keep the menu light and veggie focused: Curry Rice Noodles tossed with cabbage, broccoli carrots and onions fit the bill. I topped it off with my favorite: Crispy Tofu. Of course, I was too fatigued to take photos so you will just have to use your imagination. I will post the recipe for this tomorrow.  I spent the whole day literally in bed and the noodles were my first and only meal of the day. So, back to bed I go more rest is in order as I have some baking to do tomorrow.

Signing Off,

the gluten free chef

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  1. I hate them telling me it’s my weight too. I had arthritis in my knees in junior high when i was somewhere between 100 and 110 pounds. (Dr. MIracle, yes that was his name, didn’t say a thing about my weight then of course.) I was diagnosed with cfs in college and was only 120. Now flash forward 20 years, I’ve put on 100 pounds, have this mysterious pain that doesn’t even allow me to wear a sweater and it and the arthritis are because of my weight? I’ll agree that taking the extra weight off will help my joints by putting less pressure on them but it won’t cure it and the weight didn’t cause it. Recently my hands and elbows have had the most pain–how much weight can they be bearing? Well sweet dreams my friend. I look forward to new recipes.

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