Company & cupcakes

carrot-cake-cupcakes.jpgEntertaining is one of my favorite past times but living with chronic illness makes it more of a challenge and task than it used to be.  In the past, I could whip up a five course meal for 15 people with no thought at all, but now I have  to plot, plan and pace the who, what, where,  why and how. Things that used to take no time at all now have to be carefully mapped out and plotted over the course of weeks. From the people I choose to invite down to the menu. How long will this take to make? Where will I get the ingredients? How long will it take to cook? Since, I refuse to cut corners on the quality of my craft, cooking from scratch is typically most always a must, but I have learned how to make adjustments where I can to make it easier on myself and still find joy in the whole process.

Just getting the house company ready is about a week long process and then there is planning out a meal that will be simple and relatively easy to execute; yet even still it is usually a multi-day day process. Tonight’s menu was simple by my standards Easy Minestrone Soup, Cornbread and Roasted Chicken. I had intended to buy the chicken pre-cooked to make it easier on myself since I decided I wouldn’t force my guests to eat vegetarian but one look at the prices of the pre-cooked store chicken and I walked myself over to the chicken case and bought a roaster for .99/lb. Roasting the chicken myself cost me $3.99 compared with the store bought $6.99 and my chicken was better by a long shot. (of course I forgot to photograph) Of course, this last minute decision was one more item for me to cook, and even though the soup, cornbread, and cupcakes were all “easy” cooking it all took me two days literally right up until the 1st guest was knocking at my door at 6 PM.

Thankfully, I have great friends that eat well, and were so gracious to clean and wash my dishes and kitchen after the meal. One less task for me to execute, which would have surely taken me until tomorrow. But it was a nice simple dinner and the company was enjoyable and much needed. Everything changes when you live with chronic illness and that is just the way it is. Baking is in order for tomorrow. Time to rest this tired body.

Signing Off,

the gluten free chef

PS. I made a delightful Grapefruit Soda, more on that tomorrow to tired to type anymore tonight.


  1. I was anxious to be a guest until that part about how graciously they cleaned up. Just kidding. I would so clean up before and after and maybe even help cook. I know it was hard work and glad it went well.

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