what I ate yesterday: Sauteed kale and swai

kale and swaiFriday found me in the mood for a little more protein so I stopped down to the local market (Kroger) (I wish I had another option) and picked up two Swai fillets. Swai is a mild fish with a firm body that bakes and pan fries well. Since I eat fish on the rare occasion these two fillets were to last two or three days. Two days it was and yesterday I seasoned and battered and cut the fillets into small nuggets pan fried then with olive oil and served them with a side of Sauteed Kale and Mushrooms with a piece of my award winning Cornbread on the side. Who says gluten free eating can’t be tantalizing.

Ps. my corn bread is not really award winning but it is a winner in my book.

the gluten free chef


  1. I’ve never said gluten free eating can’t be tantalizing. Never tried sauteed kale either. Wanna hear something crazy? I made chilli tonight and was out of crackers so added a little crunch with plain corn flakes. Yeah, my food’s not award winning but it’s filling.

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