All purpose flour mix

gluten free flours
gluten free flours

Perfecting gluten free recipes takes time and much patience. Sometimes the best ideas fall flat and I am left wondering what went wrong. It usually always comes down to your flour mixture. Unlike wheat flour, gluten free flours usually need to be blended and mixed to get the best results. There are dozens of pre-made blends from such popular brands as Glutino, King Arthur, Namaste and Bob’s Red Mill.

I have created my own flour blend for some recipes but for the most part I stick to the blend used by Silvana Nardone in her book Cooking for Isaiah which has become my gluten free bible of sorts. I would recommend this book to any novice gluten free baker (or any cook for that matter). The all purpose blend that she uses is one of the best combination of flours that I have ever tried and renders results that even the most refined palate could not tell it was gluten free. Her blog Silvana’s Kitchen is filled with excellent gluten free tips and recipes.

Find the recipe for Silvana’s All Purpose Flour Blend here. Cooking for Isaiah can be purchased on Amazon or a book store near you!

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