Gluten free review: Cherrybrook Kitchen

chocfrost_boxI can’t believe it,  two product reviews in one weekend! I must say I am on a roll.

Long before I learned about celiac disease and began to adopt a gluten free diet a friend gave me a few boxes of Cherrybrook Kitchen frosting mixes. It wasn’t until just recently that I pulled one out of my pantry and found out how great these mixes are. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was baking a chocolate cake and had no confectioners sugar and no cocoa powder for my frosting. I was in no mood to run out to the store and sure enough, I had a box of Cherrybrook Kitchen gluten, dairy, peanut, and wheat free Chocolate Frosting mix. I was a little skeptical since this cake was for someone else and needed to be perfect. The directions were simple enough just add butter (in my case earth balance) two tablespoons of rice milk and beat.

Boy was I surprised at how delicious this frosting was. I dare say it was the best frosting I have ever tasted. I don’t know how Cherrybrook Kitchen does it but their frosting mixes give just the right amount of sweetness without tasting artificial or out of a box. I think it is better than my homemade and I have been a fan ever since. I have yet to try out their line of cake, cookie, or brownie mixes, but believe me they are on my hit list of products to try. The good thing about Cherrybrook Kitchen is that their products are all natural and contain none of the most common food related allergens. Even better, they are delicious (at least the frosting is) and what more could you ask for. The frosting comes in ready made or box mix form and they are super simple to whip up.  Since that day, I keep a stock pile of confectioners sugar and cocoa powder in my pantry, but when it’s time for frosting I whip out a box of their frosting mix. Shhh don’t tell anyone…

Click the photo above to visit their site and learn more about their awesome products.

Rating 5/5

Keep on Baking,

the gluten free chef

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