Gluten free review: Mori-Nu

mates_chocolate_1For all of us who are dairy, gluten, and meat sensitive it is often very difficult to find quality ready mix products that cater to our specific dietary needs. Mori-Nu brand fills that void very nicely. They offer vegan ( free) pudding/pie mixes and tofu products. These pudding mixes are just like Jell-o and other brands of instant pudding mix; only allergen free. The mix does contain soy lechitin which might pose a problem for some. I have eliminated most soy from my diet, but I do not have a soy allergy per se.  I love these mixes and use them when I make no-bake pies, puddings, frozen yogurts, and even in some of my baking. Mori-Nu can be tough to find in most stores and natural food markets like Whole Foods. Save yourself the hassle and buy them online from Vitacost or on Amazon. Mori-Nu products are top notch and I highly recommend them for singles and families looking for vegan and allergen free pudding mixes as an alternative to from scratch.

Rating 4/5

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