Gluten free review: Kind bars

almond___coconutI was first introduced to Kind back in 2011 when I first moved to Nashville. I visited a natural foods store in West Nashville and Kind’s Almond & Coconut fruit bar was placed right near the cash registers where you normally find processed candy bars and other junk. I grabbed one and have been hooked ever since. Kind’s mantra is creating snacks in which you can see, taste, and pronounce all of the ingredients. No MSG, no GMO, no harsh chemicals, fillers, dyes, or preservatives. Go figure?

Kind bars are manufactured with sustainability in mind while making these tasty, healthy, and A+mazing snacks. Kind bars are kosher, gluten, dairy and wheat free. Most bars contain some sort of tree nut, so those with tree nut allergies have to kindly turn away from Kind. Aside from their delicious fruit and nut bars, Kind also makes wonderfully delicious granolas. As the Kind movement continues, more and more mainstream and niche markets are becoming “hip” to Kind and stocking shelves with their products. It’s for the better too. Be Kind to your body and mind & fuel your soul with Kind.

Did I just make up an awesome “tagline”. I should add jingle writer to my name.

Rating 5/5


the gluten free chef

P.S: You might find Kind at your local:


Whole Foods Market

Trader Joes




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