Weekend roundup: It’s my garden

Since returning to Rochester I have been multitasking all sorts of awesome projects. Many times I feel like I am running in slow motion spinning my wheels but never getting half of what I want accomplished. The wrench of chronic illness always gets in my way. But when I stop and actually think about it I am doing more than I give myself credit for. I just can’t move as fast and push as far as I used to and as long as I keep within the boundaries of my body, I’m usually ok. Last weekend was no exception and after a long hot day and an even longer nap,  I set out to transfer many of my potted vegetable plants to the garden bed my Dad built for our yard.

garden II

I guess you could say I’ve become a novice gardener of sorts so much to my dismay tomato plants, pepper plants and swiss chard don’t thrive in the confides of a pot and do much better in the ground. Who knew? I guess I do now and after many weeks of putting it off, I finally built up enough strength and stamina to till the earth and sow my plants. It was a long hot labor of love but 3+ hours later I had accomplished my task.

garden I

I am quite proud of this garden. I started many of these plants in Nashville before I even had the thought of returning back to Rochester. In many ways this garden represents my journey over the last few years and is symbolic of the hard work, tenacity and resilience I have had in the face of adversity. My seeds have held on just like me and I can’t pretend that that doesn’t mean a thing to me.

garden III

I may live in Rochester but my heart will always and forever remain in Nashville. It won’t be soon before long that I am back.

Here’s to never giving up,

the gluten free chef

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