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Gluten free product review: Udi’s product roundup

 udi's blueberry cashew granola

My friends over at Udi’s sent me some of their amazing products for my delight, pleasure and enjoyment! How thoughtful! I have been a fan of Udi’s brand long before I started this blog and I highly recommend many of their products like this wonderful Cashew Blueberry Granola. It contains about 120 calories for 1/4 cup making it the perfect stand alone snack, served with yogurt, or in a bowl with almond milk. This granola is lightly sweetened and the dried blueberries and cashews give it the pop and crunch that I love in my granola. Mine barely lasted three days.

Finally a granola bar that isn’t bland and tasteless. This granola bar is part of Udi’s Ancient Grain line which contains essential probiotics. Like the granola these bars are low in calories (140) and filled with nuts, raisins, and a hint of sweet. The perfect grab and go snack.

I absolutely love these new cracker like Ancient Grain crisps that Udi’s has created. They are a cross between a baked potato chip and a wheat thin without the wheat! I had the Jalapeno Cheddar and they are highly addictive. Once you start you won’t be able to stop.

The Classic Hamburger buns are my go to when I need a bun for sandwiches and don’t feel like baking my own loaf of bread. Udi’s has some of the best gluten free bread options on the market.

This Millet-Chia bread is absolutely delicious. This bread is great for making bread crumbs or eaten with peanut butter and homemade jam + it is whole grain.

I had long ago given up my search on a palatable gluten free flour tortilla. Again Udi’s gives me life with their new Plain Tortilla. They are the perfect alternative to wheat flour based tortillas. Even though these are corn based the taste and texture is very close to what I remember from a flour tortilla. I created an awesome quesadilla recipe which I will feature later in the week!

Thanks to Udi’s for being an A+mazing partner and sending me all these goodies! My freezer is well stocked with these awesome gluten zero products.

Click here to visit the website and find out where Udi’s brand is sold in your local area or buy online!

Happy Snacking,

the gluten free chef

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