Weekend roundup: Peaches and greens

As far as summer fruits go strawberries, watermelon, and peaches have been staples in my kitchen all summer. I have washed, skinned, and flash froze endless pints of these fruits over the last several weeks. I’ve made countless smoothies and juice blends and eaten my weight in watermelon.


This weekend was no different as just this morning I whipped up a Peachy Green Chia Smoothie that I taste spotted over on Five & One. Why I hadn’t thought to blend the plethora of swiss chard from my garden with fresh peaches before spotting this recipe is beyond me but I did it today and the result was A+mazing.

Peachy green chia smoothie

Swiss Chard is a such versatile green that I am just now utilizing. That’s the joy of gardening. It forces you to use what you have on hand.

Swiss Chard Garden

Be sure to catch my Swiss Chard Pesto recipe later on this week and check out my Swiss Chard Pesto & Mushroom Pizza recipe.

Swiss chard pizza full

I’m sad summer is winding down when it is only just beginning. 😦

This yummy fresh Peach Pie that I whipped up was just the treat I needed to turn my frown upside down 🙂

Peach Pie I

Don’t worry about my calories. I save my splurging for the weekend. What is summer without an A+mazing Peach Pie?

Click the photo above for the recipe for the Peachy Green Chia Smoothie courtesy of Five and One

I hope your weekend was filled with sun, fun, and fresh fruit!

Have an awesome week!

the gluten free chef

Peach photo credit: Wikipedia

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