Weekend roundup: biscuits, tomatoes & marmalade

Tomato MarmaladeHappy Monday everyone! I’m trying to give positive vibes after a fibro flare filled weekend had me down and under for the better half of Saturday and Sunday. Despite the pain and excessive fatigue I was able to muster up enough stamina to glutenfreeify a Vegan Biscuit recipe I tastespotted over at Minimalist Baker. Earlier last week I whipped up this delectable Tomato Lemon Marmalade that I was dying to try.

Converting these biscuits to gluten free wasn’t a complete fail but my results were far from a ten. The biscuits of course tasted better straight from the oven but they didn’t quite have that flaky buttery crumb that is a must have in a biscuit. They were not terrible but I could tell the gluten was missing and that is a negative in my book. Fortunately they photographed well. No worries though I am not easily dissuaded and I will trust another try until I develop the best most awesome gluten free biscuit EVER. That’s all for me folks. My body is still in recovery mode. Stay tuned for more on my tomato marmalade later in the week.

Eat Well,

the gluten free chef


  1. I can’t get the flaky part right either with the gluten. I have to get help from the little Doughboy who giggles when you poke his tummy. I’ve heard it has something to do with the temp of the butter and finely sifting your flour.

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