Review roundup: Cooking with Fibromyalgia

cooking with fibro  The reviews are in and I can’t pretend that the rave reviews of my first e-cookbook don’t mean a thing to me. Writing this cookbook was truly a labor of love and the overwhelmingly positive response has been a major blessing. Fibromyalgia has taken a lot away from me but I now have an inextinguishable drive and determination. Raising awareness and erasing the stigma of this illness is first and foremost in my mind as an author. With time, patience, and perseverance everyone can learn to cook healthy nutritious meals using simple whole and real ingredients.

Check out snippets of what people have had to say below and be sure to click the cover photo or one of the links to purchase your copy for just $.99 cents!


Shannon:I enjoyed the no-nonsense approach of this cookbook via Goodreads review

Faith:No matter what you’re used to eating, if you enjoy nourishing your body with wholesome foods, this book is for you.” of An Edible Mosaic

Lisa: “The recipes in this cookbook were easy to follow” via Goodreads review

Pierce: The author has put together a wonderful collection of recipes and one does not need to be gluten/dairy free or a vegetarian to enjoy them. ” via Amazon review

Donna: ” I highly recommend this book! “ via Amazon review

If you’ve enjoyed Cooking with Fibromyalgia please head over to and leave a review. The more reviews the better. As an indie author I learn and grow based on your feedback. Your thoughts, suggestions, and input is needed and appreciated.

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  1. I am so excited for you! Those are wonderful reviews and shows that this book is needed along with your willingness to share your life and your recipes. Yes, chronic illness takes a lot from us, but sometimes it gives us something wholly unexpected in its place; new friendships, new respect for our bodies, and awakened dormant or yet undiscovered talents. BRAVO

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