Gluten free product review: Enjoy Life Decadent Soft Baked Bars

When Enjoy Life asked me to sample their new line of soft baked bars I was ready and willing. I’m already an avid fan of their products as many are featured in a number of my recipes as well as my latest cookbook Cooking with Fibromyalgia. The press release for their Decadent Soft Baked Bars touted these as the ultimate homemade snack bar experience, 100% natural, and completely allergen free.

Of course I was hooked and these bars do not disappoint. They are cross between a granola bar and a snack cake  x 100. Enjoy Life gives us 4 rich flavors to choose from and at only 140 calories per bar I consumed quite a few as my no guilt dessert. What I like most about these bars is that they are all natural made with whole real ingredients and they taste like it.

Gone is that cheap artificial overly sweet taste that one comes to expect in processed snacks. These bars taste like someone took time to craft rich artisanal flavors the natural way. All of the flavors are yummy but I had my favorites. My sister loved them more than I did and it is for that reason that our samples didn’t last very long.

cherry cobbler

The Cherry Cobbler flavor is one of my favorites. Cherry is typically my least favorite flavor in snack foods but Enjoy Life does a fine job in crafting the rich tart + sweet flavor that you would get from a fresh cobbler with vanilla drizzle to top it off.

Rating 4/5

cinnamon bun

If you love Cinnamon Rolls then you will love the Cinnamon Bun flavor.

Rating 3/5


I was skeptical when trying the Smores flavor as most smores flavored snacks taste nothing like the nostalgic favorite. This flavor has the essence of each ingredient that make up an awesome smore: a hint of the cinnamon from the graham cracker, a taste of marshmallow, and a dash of chocolate to round it out. They captured the essence of the smore without trying to artificiality recreate it.

Rating 3.5/5


Chocolate SunButter is my favorite flavor. These are highly addictive and with the combination of peanut butter and chocolate how could you ever go wrong. These bars are great because they don’t break the calorie bank and you don’t feel like you have thrown your diet out the window when eating one. You taste every wholesome natural ingredient used to craft the bars and this makes them one of the best snack bar products on the market

Rating 5/5

Click one of the photos to learn more about each flavor and purchase a box for yourself. You won’t regret it.

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