What I baked today: Ultimate chocolate cake

Chocolate Cake IWe had company this past Sunday and  I needed a quick gluten free dessert option. You can never go wrong with chocolate so my Ultimate Chocolate Cake was a safe bet. I opted to use Bella Gluten Free’s All purpose flour mix in place of my standard recipe as well as Cherrybrook Kitchen’s chocolate frosting. Is this what Sandra Lee means by semi-homemade? The cake came out delicious. Moist and decadent with a tender crumb topped by a rich creamy frosting. This semi-homemade homemade cake was perfection and the perfect dessert amidst a sea of gluten. It was so yummy that it served as breakfast on Monday. What was your gluten-free option this past holiday weekend? Let me know in the comments.

Be Wheat Free,

the gluten free chef

Chocolate Cake II

Chocolate Cake Full

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