What I baked today: Zucchini cake + flax eggs

Zucchini CakeAs I dig in deep into the world of vegan living and health and wellness through food I’ve decided to develop many of my current recipes and create new ones that are not only gluten and dairy but egg-free as well. Up until now I’ve been a little apprehensive in using flaxmeal (ground flax seeds) or chia seeds in place of eggs. Past attempts at creating moist yummy egg-free baked goods with the taste and texture of regular baked goods proved to be disastrous. Of course, I’m not one to give up easily and I’m always up for a baking challenge.

So, when I tastespotted this yummy Zucchini Cake over at Minimalist Baker I knew it would be the perfect egg-free cake challenge. I whipped up a batch of flax eggs, pulled out my all purpose flour blend and got to mixing.  The cake came out A+mazing and no one could tell it was free of eggs, dairy or anything else for that matter. It was light, moist, and delicious.

Be sure to check out the recipe for this wonderful Zucchini Cake recipe at Minimalist Baker and stay tuned for more of my egg-free baking delights and disasters over the next several months.

Happy Baking

the gluten free chef

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