Gluten free restaurant review: Flavors of Asia

558450Two things happened during my first visit to Nashville. 1). Thai became my official favorite cuisine and 2) Ginger Thai became my favorite restaurant ever! Now that may seem like a tall order given all the food trucks, food carts, pitstops, bistros, cafes, and restaurants in Nashville. But living with fibromyalgia means that I don’t get out very much and when I do the options are limited when I add my celiac to the mix. With my brother in tow during that initial trip, we stumbled upon the wonders of Thai food and Ginger Thai and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Many of my fondest memories of Nashville are intrinsically linked to my outings and travels since for the better part of last year getting out the house always seemed like a major event. Dinner at Ginger Thai always meant a fairly low pain day, a good day, a happy day. Fast forward to present time and it’s no surprise that I have found another small, quaint, and unassuming Thai restaurant very close to my home. Flavors of Asia almost fills the void that Ginger Thai holds in my heart.

It’s always the small unassuming restaurant fronts that pack the greatest punch and Flavors is no exception. Seating is limited, the ambiance is quaint, the kitchen is just a stones throw away, and the staff is friendly, focused and about their business. More importantly the food is fresh, fresh, and more fresh. Vegan, vegetarian, and meat-free options are plenty with steaming basil fried rice, fresh spring rolls, and stir fry noodles galore. Flavors offers traditional chinese, Thai, and dim sum options and they are open to ingredient variations  and substitutions. More importantly for me they are celiac friendly with several options of rice based noodles and mixed vegetables. They are more than accommodating to my requests to hold the soy sauce and keep wheat ingredients away from my ingredients which is an A+in my book.

When I fan out for a restaurant I am a faithful loyal follower. Flavors of Asia may not fully replace Ginger Thai and I wish they had a larger Thai menu but they come in at a close second and I can’t pretend that that doesn’t mean a thing to me.

Rating 4.5 5/5

Flavors of Asia|831 South Clinton Ave|Rochester, NY 14620|585-256-2310

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