Gluten free review: Rosario Pino’s Artisan Foods

r-logoIf you live in the Rochester area and you have yet to stop into Rosario Pino’s then you are seriously missing out. This not so hidden gem in the Piano Works Plaza on West Commercial street in East Rochester is full of old and new world oils, vinegars, spices, cookware and other products imported directly from Italy. Named after the family patriarch Rosario Pino’s is a family owned and operated food market. The family feel adds to its intimate charm and old world hospitality. The staff is ever so welcoming and friendly which is hard to find in our fast paced world.

I happened upon this gem on a whim and I am glad I did. A few months ago when I first came back to Rochester I added Rosario Pino’s  to my list of shops to visit that carry gluten free products. I wasn’t sure how gluten friendly my hometown of Rochester was but fortunately Rosario’s was top on the list of gluten friendly establishments to pop up in my Google search. Of course life happened and I never got around to visiting Rosario’s until a doctors visit brought me to the East Rochester area last Monday. Rosario’s carries a number of artisan and special edition gluten free Italian brands that you won’t find anywhere else. But if gluten free is not your concern there are more than a few things for you as well. Artisan pastas, sauces, and olive oils are just a few of the goods that fill the shelves.

What sets this market apart from any other place in the area is the Sub-Zero & Wolf Demonstration Kitchen where cooking classes are held for the public. This demo kitchen looks like it comes straight from Food Network. On a monthly basis culinary masters and chefs from all over the Rochester area show anyone who is interested how to prepare gourmet and everyday dinners and desserts. The food is cooked in front of you and then you get to sample all the meals that are prepared.  How cool is that? Fortunately for this chef, Rosario’s is interested in putting me in the spotlight and demonstrating the wonders of gluten free baking! I wonder was it fate or pure coincidence that brought me to the market last Monday but whatever it was, I am glad that I stopped in.

Rosario Pino’s is the place to be if you are looking for an artisan food or culinary gift for that special someone or if you just happen to be in the area looking to browse some place interesting. I look forward to working with the awesome staff at Rosario Pino’s  and sharing my delights and experiences with one of the coolest shops in Rochester!

Rating 5/5

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