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Weekend roundup: An apple autumn day

Red Apple TreeIt wouldn’t be fall without apple picking at the apple farm. At least not for my family. Last weekend we commenced upon our annual fall picking at Green Acres Farm in Greece, NY. Rain or shine, bees or no bee’s we picked galas, jonagolds, and granny smith apples until our bags were bursting at the seams. Only a week later and a few apple pies, apple cakes, and apple butters later and I’m like who ate all the apples? No worries though. There’s always more apples . You know what they say an apple a day.
What’s your favorite apple variety? Let me know in the comments.

Eat your apples,
the gluten free chef

Only Calvin Sr. is tall enough to reach the upper heights of the apple trees. He looks like a giraffe right?

“Look at what I picked” says Mom! “Galas”, says the crowd.

Don’t pick the ones that have fallen to the ground they told me. Never to grown to learn 🙁

Not as tall as Papa.

Green with envy.

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