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Gluten free product review: Glutino milk chocolate wafers

  I have just one word to describe Glutino’s Milk Chocolate Wafers: Decadent. I lied. I actually have several words: Delicious, chocolatey, rich, and A+mazing. The milk chocolate wafers were the only flavor in the wafer line that I had yet to sample. Thankfully Glutino saved the best for last. These milk chocolate wafers are truly a dream. Think of them as the wonderful marriage of a kit kat bar and a nutty buddy bar without the peanut butter of course. Coming in at just 150 per serving which gives you 4 wafers, these cookies can serve as the perfect non-guilty end to any meal.

The chocolate is rich and creamy making them taste almost homemade and artisanal. I thought the lemon wafers were A+mazing but these milk chocolate wafers move up to #1 on my list of gluten free snack cookies. All I have left to say is more please.

Rating 5/5

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