Gluten free product review: Bob’s red mill cream of rice cereal

Bobs Red Mill-Logo-1I’ve noted before how much I love Bob’s Red Mill and I’ll repeat it again, I love Bob’s Red Mill. In the world of gluten free baking and living you can rarely go wrong with Bob’s Red Mill. Recently they sent me samples of their hot cereals and I was over the moon.

Bobs Red-Mill-Organic-Creamy-Brown-Rice-Farina-Cereal-039978009739

Every since I was a kid I have loved Cream of Rice. It sounds strange but the comfort of a steaming bowl of cream of rice just makes me think about the carefree days of being a kid. I like my cream of rice just so with warm milk, a dash of cinnamon and brown sugar. That’s all. Nothing more and nothing less. These days the milk is almond but other than that my cream of rice must never be adulterated with toppings like pecans, raisins, or fruit. I save that for my oatmeal. When it comes to cream of rice simple is best and Bob’s once again delivers a quality product for his gluten free fans.

Rating 5/5

cream of rice

Photo credit: Organic Mexican Girl

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