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It wasn’t until I was on the Megabus back to Rochester that I realized  I hadn’t taken one picture of my fall break trip to Nashville. I guess when I closed down the blog for a week I fully took off my blogger hat and allowed myself to have a great time. No carefully planned pictures, editing, writing, or food staging was done. I was on vacation.

I had a great time and enjoyed every minute of my stay which was my first time back since I left for Rochester 6 months ago. Nashville holds a place near and dear to my heart and is where I genuinely feel at home at this point in my life. I affectionately call my friends down there my “Nashville fam” as they are sincerely awesome and one of a kind.

But now I’m a little saddened that I have no candid shots of my time there for this blog post. 🙁 But that’s the beauty of Google. It can help me recapture all the magical and mundane moments. So, here we go my Fall Break: Through Google


Soaring high above the clouds via Southwest headed down to Nashville. The sole picture I took. I love Southwest but hate that I had to connect through Tampa. What gives?

nashville airport

Arriving to BNA with door stop service courtesy of my best friend D.A


Open up your eyes and go. The neighborhood I used to call home.


First stop. Dinner. One of many authentic Mexican restaurants littered up and down Gallatin Pike in my old neighborhood. Is it just me or are all the best food spots the non nondescript (old) run down buildings. The best Mexican food in Nashville..


Where I got to eat fresh guac and fresh homemade tortillas like this!


Ok. No place offers a diverse array of cuisine like the Hibachi. It’s always better with friends. 🙂

corn bread

raisin bread

I wasn’t completely on vacation. Cinnamon and corn bread mixes were packed in my stow away luggage. I had to make a few things for a few close friends and associates. You true foodies can understand 🙂 (Winks)


It’s not Wegmans but this post wouldn’t be complete without a Kroger shout out. I miss it now that Im gone. But not that much.


I did quite a bit of cooking. One can never take a break from cooking. Alan and Suzy loved my perfect Rotisserie Chicken

Rice Cakes

Meanwhile, I ate rice cakes and peanut butter like they were a new discovery. I also gained 5lbs (not from the rice cakes). Which I have dutifully lost. I guess you always eat more than usual when out of your routine. I also only got one run in during my trip. Not ok. But I was on vacation.

east nashville acupuncture


Unfortunately, no matter how far I travel I cannot take a break from fibromyalgia. Ugh. Acupuncture was in order to help quell a very pesky flareup.

riverside village

riverside village

Same goes for a trip to the pharmacy. The pharmacists here are irreplaceable. I still have them ship me my medications.


I promise I ate nothing here. Alan and Suzy needed a Chicken wrap during one of our trips around townn


A dear friend, Brother with whom I stayed during my trip + the best Landscape Architecture in the land.


Aww time to return home already. But I’m not ready to go. Nor am I thrilled to take the Megabus. Oh well.

Until next time!


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