Gluten free on the go! The Digital Coeliac

the digital celiacThis month’s Gluten Free on the Go! guest post comes courtesy of Sam Martin. If you recall Sam was featured in the July edition and she has kindly agreed to guest post again.

 Sam is sharing her presentation given at the European Conference of Coeliac Societies in Amsterdam.

Her work discusses how Coeliacs communicate issues of cross-contamination and the way they cope with Coeliac Disease via Twitter. This presentation couldn’t come at a better time as the world of social media has literally changed the way we share, present, and absorbed information.

Coeliac disease is an international issue and research being done by Sam and others can help us to better understand how this disease affects people all over the world; hopefully leading to prevention and cure.

Check out the presentation The Digital Coeliac, Twitter and Coeliac Disease, Patterns and Sentiment here and be sure to reach out to Sam via social media using one of the links below.

The Digital Coeliac
Gluten Free Paris
Gluten Free London

Learn more about Sam’s MSc. Research:
Follow Sam on Twitter: @givemegf

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