Weekend roundup: Warrior edition

OUR_Ninja_LandscapeLike a warrior is how I feel when I successfully entertain. It takes a enormous amount of energy, effort, and focus to prepare for company. But despite the effort I enjoy it every time. This weekend was no exception as I had a a few friends over for snacks and association. Of course these were no ordinary snacks but still decidedly simple by my standards at least.

Unfortunately I got so caught up in my hosting duties that I forgot to take pictures of our spread with the exception of these yummy Chocolate Cupcakes 🙁


But my good friends at Google come to my rescue again. Even though fewer friends attended than I had planned for (partly due to the nasty winter storm) we had a great time.


Main dishes on my menu:


Cheezy Potato Bites inspired by Prevention RD’s Parmesan Baked Potato Halves


Hot Spinach Dip courtesy of Skinnytaste

turkey meatballs

and Mini Sweet and Sour Turkey Meatballs

Another successful mission for this warrior chef.

Photo credit: OurFood (chef) Sprinkle Some Sunshine (potato bites) Apples and Onions (meatballs) Skinnytaste (spinach dip)

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