Recipes for free: Baked apple chips

You know the saying third time is the charm well that’s exactly how many times I needed to get the seemingly simple process of Baked Apple Chips just right. Actually it took me four attempts + 1. The first batch was to chewy. The second batch burned. And the third batch most of my chips stuck to the cookie sheet. I can’t remember what went awry on my fourth attempt but it was far from pretty. But by the fifth attempt I had learned that baking the sliced apples on a baking rack on very low heat is the best way to get an even bake and perfectly crispy apple chip. Who knew apple chips would prove to be such an ordeal. But I digress. Less a recipe and more a series of steps, apple chips are the perfect healthy, paleo, vegan, and gluten free snack to get you through the day.

Baked Apple Chips
1.    Slice two to three large apples very thin. I empire or granny smith work well
2.    In a zip lock bag add your favorite spices to coat the apple slices:
3.    Cinnamon + Sugar
4.    or Garlic salt + Grated Parmesan cheese.
5.    Add apple slices and shake to coat apples.
6.    Spray a metal baking rack with baking spray and place apple slices on the rack.
7.    Bake apples slices for 1 hour and 30 minutes on 250 degrees F.


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