What I baked today: Double chocolate chip brownie cookies

So I’ve been tastespotting and test baking all kinds of cookie confections this month. In the world of desserts I do believe that cookies are one of the most precarious confections to bake.  Any number of factors can go wrong ending with a really great or horribly bad end product. The butter can be too soft or too cold. The oven temperature if off even by a few degrees can render a runny chocolate chip cookie dough. And the dry to wet ingredient ratio is most critical being the deciding factor of a too thin or too doughy cookie. But I digress. These Double Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookies are one of the more foolproof and uncomplicated cookie recipes I’ve adapted so far. Even better they are gluten and dairy free. I added chopped walnuts to this batch and can’t wait to add other things like dried cranberries, peanut butter or white chocolate chips. Click the link below for the A+mazing recipe.

Flourless Brownie Cookies courtesy of Yammie’s Glutenfreedom


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