Gluten free menu plan: January 26-February 1, 2014

live-wellI’m busier than ever baking, editing my second cookbook, and expanding my blog and bakery. I’m making making major moves and trying to keep as healthy as humanly possible so my fragile body can (almost) keep up. Cooking whole, real, and clean food from scratch is one of the many ways I live healthy.| as challenging as it seems sometimes. Good things in equals good things out. Every little bit helps. With careful planning, patience, and persistence all of us can maintain a healthy diet without sacrificing taste. Get into the scones, winter soups, sweet potatoes and tofu featured in this week’s menu.

Live well. Eat Well. Be Well
the gluten free chef

Black Pepper Cinnamon SconesBlack Pepper Scones
Banana Carrot & Spinach Smoothiebanana carrot spinach
Apple Chai Spice Breakfast QuinoaApple Chai Spiced Quinoa
Egg Tomato & Scallion Sandwich w/Udi’s Bagels (Recipe & Photo courtesy of Skinnytaste) egg sandwich
Sweet Potato & Tofu Hash (Recipe & Photo courtesy of potato tofu-hash
Rices Cakes with Peanut Butter + Jam & Almond MilkRice Cakes
Succotash of Corn, Apple, & Curry Cabbage w/Crispy TofuSuccotash of Corn, Apple & Cabbage
Artichoke Chickenred_wine_mushroom_and_artichoke_chicken_skillet-1
Baby Bok Choy Soup / Garlic (Recipe & Photo courtesy of OhMyVeggies)bok choy soup
Veggie Taco Salad (cheese optional)Taco Salad
Peanut Soup (Recipe & Photo courtesy of OhMyVeggies)african peanut soup
Pan-Fried Tofu Burgers w/ Tatar TotsTOfu Burger I
Dessert of the Week: Lighter Dark Chocolate Mousse (Recipe courtesy of An Edible Mosaic) (Photo courtesy of BonAppetit)classic chocolate mousse-6461

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  1. This might be off topic except for the fact one of the recipes includes corn but my daughter heard a theory that corn is a major contributing factor to fibro. Have you heard any such thing? I’ve always had trouble digesting whole corn so avoid it as much as possible but if it’s contributing to my pain, i wll avoid all products as well if possible. It was the first ingredient in some gluten free pasta my husband brought home and there’s corn starch in my vitamin D so it’ll be tough.

    • I think you should eat/ avoid what ever works best for your body. Listen to your body and try a 2 week elimination trial to see if you see changes improvement etc. I havent found i have an issue digesting corn especially corn that has been processed into meal, starch etc

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