Weekend roundup: The Rochester Public Market + Photo Tour

public market logoI sit in the heart in the City of Rochester as one of the premiere open markets in the country. In 2010 I was named America’s Favorite Farmers Market by the American Farmland Trust? Who am I….. The Rochester Public Market!

The Rochester Public Market has been serving the City of Rochester since 1827 and I happen to live a hop, skip, and a jump away. Growing up I didn’t know how good I had it. I can remember hating being dragged to the market weekend after weekend with my parents (who happen to love the place). With all the foreign smells, loud noises, bargaining, bidding and endless crowds of people; it’s safe to say that the public market was no place for me. That is until now. Who knew I’d become an obsessed foodie, cookbook author, and food blogger. The public market has most certainly grown on me. I appreciate its commitment to providing a place for local business and local farmers to buy and sell goods. Having recently tried my hand at selling at the market I was given a birds eye viewon just how much work goes into setting up vendor stations and stands. I admire the tenacity and dedication of the hundreds of vendors that set up shop each and every weekend to provide food from the farm to the table of thousands of local and regional residents. The market is more than a place to go shop. It is a melting pot of tradition, culture, and capitalism with many people earning their living through their sales at the market.

Having become a small business owner and food purveyor I can appreciate the loyalty of the public market in supporting the local and regional economy. Many cities lack a organized open market that features fresh locally grown produce and food items sold by local vendors. Even though a lot has changed since I was a little boy I still hate the crowds.  But now I love the variety of local produce and selection of goods from local food purveyors and small business owners like myself.  I love the culture than is represented at the market. I love the feelings of nostalgia, family, and tradition that the market evokes.

The Rochester Public Market has been a key driver of the farm to table concept that has become something sort of a movement right now all across America. A recent trip to the market with my brother helped me to truly appreciate the gem that I have right in my own backyard. A gem that I took for granted for far too long but one that has given me a deeper appreciation for my hometown city and all that is has to offer. Check out my short photo tour of the market below.

Fresh French Bread Loaves- Public MarketNo market tour would be complete without an eye sampling of Fresh French Loaves. Sigh these are not gluten free free 🙁 I can lust with my eyes.

Fresh Seafood- Public Market

Yup. Fresh Seafood would be the “foreign smell” that I Ioathed as a child. But this fish is super fresh and comes at a bargain compared to prices at the grocery store.

Larabars- Public Market

Hold on. We spotted a few gluten free approved goodies.  I’ll take two please 🙂

Pizzelles- Public Market

We learned the history and art of Pizzelle making from Nando’s. Pizzelles are hand pressed italian cookies. Think of a cross between a wafer cookie and a thin waffle. Made with a decades old iron press these cookies are light, crispy, and delicious.

They come in a variety of flavors including apple and lemon. My brother bought a pack of  the lemon and savored every bite. The owner a child of Italian immigrants talked about his grandmother’s recipe and the painstaking process of pressing lemon oil from the skins of lemons to get that uber lemony taste. Hard work indeed but so worth the effort.

Well that’s the end of this photo tour. Do you have an open market in your area? If so what do you like the best about the market. Let me know in the comments.,

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