Gluten free product review: Dr. Lucy’s Sugar Cookies

sugarA tasty gift from a thoughtful colleague. I’ve been eager to try Dr. Lucy’s brand of gluten & allergen free treats. Accompanied by a hot cup of coffee on a dreary Monday these cookies were the perfect sweet pick me up to a less than stellar day. What I love about Dr. Lucy more than her cookies is that she was a regular mom navigating the oft frustrating and uneasy waters of going gluten free when her son was diagnosed with severe food allergies. All of us have been there. Worried, overwhelmed, and flummoxed as to how we will continue to enjoy the foods we love only without the gluten. For most people the early days are enough to make you want to give up on food entirely. But ever resilient and armed with a plethora of gluten free flours, a stand mixer, and a whole lot of patience Dr. Lucy was determined to bake up sweet treats her whole family could enjoy. What started out as a way for her family to enjoy the sweet snacks they had come to love has become a nationally treasured gluten free brand of amazing cookies and other sweet confections.

Dr. Lucy’s products are produced in a fully dedicated bakery free of  gluten, milk, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts. Dr. Lucy herself is a certified medical doctor that has painstakingly taken the time, research, and care to provide carefully crafted gluten and dairy free sweets that are big on taste yet free of the most common food allergies.

As for these wonderful Sugar Cookies they are extra crispy yet light with just the right blend of sugar, butter taste and vanilla bean flavor. When it comes to sugar cookies I prefer homemade but these work great with coffee, tea or glass of coconut milk. What makes Lucy’s brand a cut above the rest is that she uses sustainable, organic, whole, and real ingredients in all of her products. Her journey to retail success is a story that parallels my own journey of building a gluten free brand from a dream, a wing, and a prayer.

If you haven’t tried Dr. Lucy’s you are seriously missing out.

Rating 4/5

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