Gluten free product review: Glutino Honey Mustard Pretzels

Glutino_Gluten_Free_Honey_Mustard_Pretzels__28731.1382642100.1280.1280These pretzels arrived on my doorstep on Friday and they were gone by Saturday at noon. When it comes to gluten free pretzels I always get a bit of Goldilocks syndrome (made that up just now). Many are too crispy, most aren’t crunchy enough. Or too bland, not enough salt, dry, and tasteless. You see where this is going? Glutino has made it possible for us to enjoy pretzels again. The perfect blend of salt, spice, savory and sweet flavors their Honey Mustard Pretzels are a hit. If you are in need of quick snack or late night indulgence these pretzels are where it’s at. Just try not to devour the entire bag in one sitting.

Rating 5/5

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