Gluten free product review: Pamela’s Baking and Pancake Mix

A couple of weeks ago I made homemade waffles for the first time in a long while. I had the pleasure of using Pamela’s Baking Mix. I’ve read many great things about Pamela’s mixes yet until now I had never used it. My all purpose flour blend is of course a mainstay in my kitchen but every now and again a packaged mix is necessary. Plus as the official source of all things gluten free it’s my duty to bring the best of the best to you. Pamela’s mix gave me two very light, fluffy, and moist waffles. A blend of tapioca and brown and rice flours Pamela’s blend gives you a light crumb and texture that rivals any flour containing gluten. Unfortunately, Pamela’s is not dairy free as the blend contains a dry buttermilk blend but this shouldn’t be a problem for most. I served my waffles classic style with maple syrup and a smidgen of earth balance. Pure heaven. In addition to the waffles I used Pamela’s mix when I baked up a batch of Baked Cider Donuts. My donuts came out with a light, airy center and slightly crispy exterior. I took a batch to my co-workers who gave them rave reviews.  I highly recommend Pamela’s Baking Mix as a cup for cup substitute in your gluten free baking conversions. This line of mixes is dedicated to high quality, all natural, and real ingredients. Bravo to Pamela’s!

Rating 4/5

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