Road trip roundup: February 13-22, 2014

Road Trip SnacksThe past week and a half found me spending a much needed respite in my heart hometown Nashville, TN. I desperately miss living there but for now it will remain my home away from home. For this visit I decided to brush off my snow covered Honda and drive the 950 mile long treck. Driving gives me the opportunity to get around as much or as little as I like so I burden my Nashville fam as little as possible. Of course driving takes it’s toll on my body but I had mentally prepared my mind and body for this trip and was looking forward to the solace and quiet that long road trips provide. Along with my mind and body I prepared a delicious round trip goodie bag full of healthy, nutritious and gluten free snacks. You know I don’t need an excuse to turn on the oven and bake or take food pictures and this road trip was as good of an excuse as any to partake in all three.

If you’ve read my Gluten Free On the Go series you know that remaining gluten free while traveling can be as easy as pie as long as you put in a little time, forethought, and planning. I made sure to use of all of the attributes when I made my shopping and to do list right before I hit the road. My goodie bag was packed with all sorts of wonderful snacks including a Peanut Butter Crunch Granola (recipe coming later this week) that I whipped up on the spot, Vita Coconut Water, 100% Cranberry Juice, Kind Bars, Lemon Seltzer Water, Prunes, Apples, and Pears. You can never have to full of a goodie bag. As far as I concerned it’s all about options. When you are on the road you get in the mood for some of everything and sometimes not much at all.  A plethora of options not only ensures that you remain healthy but keeps your wallet full since stopping for snacks along the way can become quite expensive.

Overall, I couldn’t have picked a better week to travel and visit the city. My road trip was smooth sailing and without incident. I relished in the many days of sunshine and 60+ degree weather. My prayers were truly answered as this respite came right on time!

Check out my goodie bag in the photo above and let me know in the comments: What are your favorite gluten free snacks to pack when you travel?

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