Gluten free product review: Hilary’s World’s Best Veggie Burger

veggie burger_packageThroughout the month of January I continued my quest to find/develop The World’s Best Veggie Burger. On the list was Hilary’s highly reviewed veggie burger of the same name. This was my first time trying Hilary’s burger line and they were high on my list since they create the hard to find combination of wheat, gluten, vegan, and dairy free/ friendly frozen veggies patties. Easy to unwrap Hilary’s burgers can be prepared via microwave or stove top. I opted for stove top and sauteed a few onions, mushrooms, and garlic to spice my burger up. Hilary’s World Best Veggie Burger has a textured consistency that gives it a substantive mouth feel, texture and substance. It is not heavily seasoned but has a savory flavor. Upon first bite it is more than apparent that you are in fact eating a vegan burger and this isn’t a bad thing. I know many people look for their veggie burgers to rival their beef counterparts in flavor and taste so if you are looking for that then this is not the burger for you.

Overall I was pleased with this burger. I would not call it the World’s Best Veggie Burger but when short on time and energy Hilary’s burger will adequately satiate anyone’s burger fixation. Hilary’s overall mission and philosophy of crafting organic allergen free burgers using real ingredients is noble in the world of over processed preservative filled frozen foods and meal.

Come back later this week for a homemade veggie burger recipe that more than gives Hilary’s a run for the best veggie burger claim.

Rating 3/5


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