Gluten free product review: Glutino’s Fudge Covered Pretzels

Fudge-PretzelsThe last time Glutino delivered pretzels to my doorstep they were gone in less than two days. This time the pretzels barely lasted 1 hour. Truthfully I consumed the entire bag in one sitting. The guilt only lasted for a few minutes as these Fudge Covered Pretzels are simply too amazing for you to feel any guilt whatsoever about eating an entire bag. I mean how can you go wrong. There’s fudge. There’s salt. There’s crunch. The three sins of any diet: salt|sugar|fat| tantalizing and tempting your taste buds. Need I say more? Nope? My only regret is not saving a few for later.

These pretzels are sinful, amazing, and so worth the bag of calories. Pick up your very own bag NOW!

Rating 5/5

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