Special Announcement: Meet the Team

MEET-THE-TEAMCalvin Eaton, Founder/Co-Owner
It all started in the fall of 2012 when Calvin started a food blog the gluten free chef while living in Nashville, TN. It was a way for him to blog about his adventures as a gluten free foodie, cook, and baker. Soon he began to bake for others and this paved the way for a home based bakery where he baked up all sorts of all gluten and dairy free treats.

Calvin was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue in the fall of 2010 syndrome. It was at that time that he recognized the negative effects wheat and gluten had on his health through a self induced elimination diet.  After years of research, trial and error, frustration, and doctors visits his celiac diagnosis formally came in mid 2012. Throughout this journey he has adopted a mainly plant based, gluten, and dairy free diet crafting and perfecting fool proof recipes ensuring that everyone could and would eat wonderful gluten free meals; and never tell the difference.

Says Calvin: Baking is in a way therapeutic as it allows me to take my mind off of the sometimes unbearable pain that fibromyalgia puts me in.  I am always looking to make my gluten free meals as good as or better than their gluten (full) counterparts.

Through the blog and now the retail general store Calvin has a goal to continue to raise awareness for celiac disease, gluten intolerance and sensitivity both in Rochester and beyond. The gluten free chef market will be a information hub of sorts for the newly diagnosed and long time gluten free foodies. Calvin also enjoys yoga, running, and water aerobics as much as his health permits.

Blossom Fox, General Manager/Co-Owner
Blossom started her culinary journey early on, offering her assistance in the kitchen as her mom prepared chef inspired meals. With their love for watching cooking shows together Blossom expanded her knowledge on food and the growing trend of artistry in edibles.

In 2008 – Blossom decided that just having a “job” was not where she envisioned her life, so she applied to begin the Patisserie and Baking program at The Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Orlando Florida. An intense 15 month program of 5 hour classes, 5 days a week proved to be a perfect fit. Graduating at the top of the class with Magna Cum Laude honors, Blossom was asked to extern with her chef instructors personal owned business – American Brownie Co. During this time Blossom was invited to participate in the prestigious “Dinner of the Senses” at the Walt Disney World Epcot Food and Wine Festival, as well as assist in the celebrity chef demos taking place during the festival.

Despite job possibilities throughout the country Blossom returned to her home in Rochester and began a small scale wedding cake design business from her home, while also working in various food and beverage retail settings, honing her skills in management. 2013 led to a brief encounter with Calvin and the rest is history. The mixture of passion for food and eye for detail, Blossom is excited to bring her artistry of cake design to Rochester as well as turning her dreams to reality with the creation of the gluten free chef market and bakery.

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