Gluten free product review: Bob’s Red Mill Nut Flours

nut flours I was elated when Bob’s told me they would be sending a gift set of nut flours (almond meal, coconut flour, and hazelnut flour) for me to sample and use in my recipe development. I have been ever keen on creating a few yummy desserts using coconut and almond flour blends. Grain free and paleo friendly recipes run aplenty on many of my favorite food blogs and with the opening of our store front it was time for me to jump out of my comfort zone and dive into the world of coconut flour baking. My research told me that coconut flour can be more than difficult to work with since it is denser and requires more liquid than rice flour and other blends.

Leave it to my friends at Bob’s to deliver just what I need at exactly the right time. My shipment arrived and I got to work right away. I adopted a wonderful Coconut Sugar Cookie courtesy of  Yammie’s Glutenfreedom and a few batches of these Almond Thumbprints from the Peach Palatte using almond flour and almond meal. These cookies were not only simple to assemble and adapt but they were delicious. I’ve added both to my menu and now I’m ecstatic to make up more desserts using coconut and almond flour. As with all of Bob’s products the flours are certified gluten free and produced/packaged with care which is essential to an independent baker like myself. For all of my gluten free flour needs I regularly turn to Bob’s Red Mill. You should to.

Rating 5/5

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  1. Let me know how you like them there is an Amish store that sales a lot of gluten free things for cooking and has these too

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