Gluten free product review: Mineral Fusion

MineralFusion_2xWhen it comes to adopting an entirely gluten free lifestyle most times we focus on the food. But contrary to popular belief gluten hides in more than just the things we eat.  Gluten lurks in many other products from lotions and body wash to cleaning products, lipsticks, and makeup. Depending on the level of sensitivity a person can adopt a completely gluten free food diet but continue to poison their system by rubbing on their favorite lotion or body wash day after day. It is for this reason that I’m featuring Mineral Fusion. Mineral Fusion is a skin and body care collection that is completely safe for those suffering from celiac diseases, gluten allergy or a gluten sensitivity. I recently learned about the company and being on the hunt for a gluten free/allergen free line myself I immediately reached out.


Several days later and a couple samples of their Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner came to my door. MF-Hair-PAIR-Fort-440-x-240This mineral rich shampoo and conditioner contains clay extracts that leave your hair feeling clean and oil free. It has a pleasant smell and is 100% vegan, gluten free, and sulfate free.

I have been very happy with this shampoo and conditioner and cannot wait to try more products from Mineral. A company dedicated to providing sustainably focused products that are free of toxins and allergens is a great company in my book.

Rating 5/5

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