Gluten free restaurant review: Chen Garden

chen gardenWhen Rochester City Newspaper ran a piece on gluten free eateries here in Rochester and mentioned Chen Garden’s sesame chicken as a must try I immediately needed it in my life. I hadn’t had sesame chicken in a long long while mainly because it is battered and breaded with all sorts of rash inducing gluten. A gluten free version? Where has this been in my life? Cloaked behind large black doors this full service restaurant is much larger than it appears from the outside and I was pleasantly surprised at the dimly lit almost majestic decor. I called in my order just to make sure that they in fact could make my gluten free meal gluten free and after assuring me they took great care to not cross contaminate, I made my way down.

A large brown bag was brought to me shortly after I arrived with piping hot chicken, rice and plenty of fixins. I will say that this sesame chicken is hands down the best I’ve ever had and for it to be gluten free and safe for me to eat is only the icing on the cake. I was not only impressed with the taste but the take out presentation was equally amazing. Yes I am a foodie and I take my take out very seriously. Kudos to Chen Garden for supporting the celiac community on your expansive menu and offering us superior options made with fresh ingredients. A hidden gem is now on my roster permanently.

Rating 5/5

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  1. I was checking out the reviews of Chen Garden Restaurant in Brighton on Rochester They are varied. Some ppl love the food but reviews make it sound inconsistent and many were not happy with the customer service. The review that bothered me most was the woman who said she found a metal staple in her food- just a warning.

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