Gluten Free Product Review: Against the Grain Original Gourmet Rolls

I’ve been living under a rock since I just recently noticed and  had the pleasure to taste Against the Grain Gourmet Rolls. Every celiac knows that giving up bread and rolls is the hardest part about adopting a gluten free lifestyle and the substitutes are for the most part less than stellar. Of course you learn how to live without and get by but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that every now and again I just want to make a nice sandwich on bread that you used to know. Against the grain heard our cries for help and created literally the best gluten free roll that I have ever tried. I mean I literally ate this sandwich in pure bliss asking the whole time “Are you sure this is really gluten free?” The funny thing is I’ve actually overlooked the bread for years, ignoring it in the freezer case thinking it was another over priced imposter. These rolls are legit and are very much like a cibatta bread. Definitely on the hearty rustic side but with a nice chew and pull. I love the rolls and cannot wait to try the entire line of bagels and baguettes. Click the logo below to learn more and even order online.

Rating 5/5

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