The Best Way to Hard Boil An Egg

I know you’re probably read this post’s title and thought “Who can’t boil an egg?” Well that’s exactly what I thought a few weeks ago when one night I had a hankering for a hard boiled egg. The time was about 10:45 PM and after a long exhausting day (I’m guessing) my body was craving the protein. Let’s just say  after 20 minutes I had thrown three eggs away. I went to bed frustrated, even more exhausted, and upset that I didn’t get my egg fix. Honestly how hard can it be to boil an egg?  Isn’t that like the first thing they teach you back in home ec? And for a baker that has made countless batches of italian meringue butter cream and bakes gluten free for a living one would think that the least I could do was boil an egg. Right? So many questions but I do have an answer. Like many of life’s simple pleasures there is indeed a science to the perfect hard boiled egg.

The method is oh so succinctly prepared by Elena Amsterdam of Elena’s Pantry and speaking from personal experience following her method gets you the perfect hard boiled egg each and every time. No muss. No fuss.

The Best Way to Hard Boil An Egg…click HERE


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