Glutino Animal Crackers| Product Review

Often times it’s life’s simple things that we enjoy the most. When I received several packages of Glutino’s Animal Crackers you would have thought I was 5 years old all over again. A kid friendly staple and adult favorite animal crackers take me to a nostalgic place when life was simple, beautiful , and oh so sweet.

For years I have been meaning to recreate my own gluten free animal cracker but never got around to it.  Fortunately Glutino beat me to it and added two amazing animal cracker flavors to their product line.

These gluten free animal crackers taste even better than the Barnum brand that I remember from my youth. Light, crispy , and addictive I inhaled nearly an entire bag in one sitting. I love that they come in regular and graham flavors and with just 130 calories per serving you don’t have to break your “caloric” bank to feel satisfied. Cheers to Glutino for once again giving us celiacs another reason to celebrate life’s simple pleasures; one animal cracker at a time.

Rating 5/5

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