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Living with Fibromyalgia E-Book Release Day|Special E-Book Bundle Giveaway


It’s finally here. Thats right| Two years after my original draft, the official release date of this sequel to my Living with Fibromyalgia memoir series has arrived. I couldn’t be more thrilled to share this personal work with you. Literal blood, sweat, and (many) tears have marked this fibromyalgia journey of mine. Living with Fibromyalgia: The Blog That Started It All is a compilation of my first blog of the same name, that chronicles a very dark, tumultuous , and painful period of my life. A work related fall threw me into a tailspin of fibro flare, depression, pain, acceptance, and in the end redemption.

It is my hope that by reading my personal narrative you are encouraged and strengthened to never give up in your fight to live life despite the pain of chronic illness. You can purchase your e-copy of the book by clicking here or the cover image above.

As a way of saying Thank You (limited time today) you can purchase my book for just $4.50 which is 50% off the list price. All you have to do is enter promo code:



during your simple|secure check out. As a bonus I am launching a very special release week giveaway through Rafflecopter. Two very special winners will receive a e-book Bundle containing all three of my Living with Fibro books:

  1. Living with Fibromyalgia: A Young Man’s Journey to Peace, Inspiration, and Empowerment Through Poetry & Uplifting Words
  2. Cooking with Fibromyalgia: A Young Man’s Guide to Simple and Delicious Vegetarian, Gluten & Dairy Free Meals
  3. Living with Fibromyalgia: The Blog That Started It All

Be sure to like, love, and share the news of this giveaway and my release so that we can all work together to bring awareness to individuals all over the world who are #visiblyinvisible and fighting the chronic pain battle every day. You are not alone.




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