Gluten Free Menu Plan| August 2-7, 2015

The dog days of summer are here and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Clear blue skies, sunshine, and warmth are here and I’m trying to relish (and revel) in every single moment. I hope you are enjoying your summer as well. I sincerely want these moments to last; so much so, that I’m taking a minor break from the blog for the month of August. What does this mean?

Well, posts will be sparse and not featured every day. I have a ton of irons in the fire and in order to give you the best that I’ve got, I need to totally immerse myself into my work and catch as must R&R (in between) as possible. But worry not. I’ll still be busy on the respective facebook, twitter, and tumblr pages.

Season one of AskTheGlutenFree podcast will continue to be  brand new every Friday through the month, inspiring quotes will be posted courtesy of my BE. campaign, and I have a very special A+mazing surprise in store.

Yes, we are moving and shaking here on the gluten free chef blog and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  But before I ramble on any longer, check out this week’s menu ideas; the last until around mid September. Stay tuned, you haven’t seen the best of me yet 🙂

Strawberry Almond Granola w/ Banana
Peach Maple Smoothie
Strawberry Corn Muffins w/ Turkey Bacon
Blueberry Pancakes
Greek Yogurt + Mandarin Oranges
Sweet and Sour Tofu w/Broccoli and Peppers
Parmesan Asiago Spaghetti Squash
Spicy Curry Rice Noodles w/Eggplant
Slow Cooker Curry Chicken
Layered Garden Veggie Cornbread Salad
Dessert of the Week: Dark Cherry Crumble

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Photo credit: Adam Eaton Photography (top image)

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